Hard White

by Shannon Holmes & Anthony Whyte

Hard White is the most captivating novel of its kind. It is a jolt of electricity to the Hip Hop Lit genre. The streets are pitch black…A different shade of darkness has drifted to the North Bronx neighborhood known as Edenwald. Sleepless nights, there is no escaping dishonesty, disrespect, suspicion, ignorance, hostility, treachery, violence, karma… Hard White metered out to the residents. Two,     Melquan and Precious have big dreams but must overcome much in order to manifest theirs. Hard White the novel is a story of triumph and tribulations of two people’s journey to make it despite the odds. Nail biting drama you won’t ever forget… Once you pick it up you can’t put it down.

Deftly written by Anthony Whyte based on the screenplay by Shannon Holmes, the story comes at you fast, furiously offering an insight to what it takes to get off the streets. It shows a woman’s unlimited love for her man. Precious is a rider and will do it all again for her man, Melquan… His love for the street must be bloodily severed. Her love for him will melt the coldest heart…Together their lives hang precariously over the crucible of Hard White. Read the novel and see why they make the perfect couple.

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