Pure Bronx

by Mark NaisonMelissa Castillo-Garsow 

A new departure in the world of Urban Fiction symbolizing its coming of age in the academic community…

PURE BRONX is a story about the vast diversity of people who make the Bronx what it is—hustlers, gang bangers, immigrants, and the working poor and the powerful interests trying to make money off its struggling people. And it’s about love—what you sacrifice, and what you accept for a chance at real happiness.

Set in the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency, Pure Bronx is a love story about a young couple from the South Bronx. Khalil and Rasheeda are trying to make it out of the ghetto, and taste what middle-class America takes for granted. Born and raised in Patterson Houses, Khalil is a 21-year-old hustler, who is the main provider for his family. Beautiful and sexy, 19-year old Rasheeda is a dancer at a strip club. She lives in Mitchell Houses with her mother and younger brother, attends college, and is also the main provider for family. Rasheeda is struggling to make ends meet. Khalil meets and falls in love with Rasheeda. Things go good for a while, but facing crisis after crisis, Rasheeda breaks down in front of Khalil. He takes her seriously when she jokingly suggests kidnapping her richest client, and one of the wealthiest men on Wall Street, Robert Seidman. Khalil enlists the help of his two trusted friends, and hatches a plan to kidnap Seidman.

Things go awry when the kidnappers discover that Seidman has his own financial problems. They resort to Plan B and this involves Seidman’s wife, who feels betrayed. Will she bite? Read Pure Bronx and find out why this action packed, drama filled story is more potent than just any coming-of-age tale from the hood. Packed with more drama than straphangers on the 1,2, 4, 5 and 6 trains at rush hour, Pure Bronx is a page-turner that’ll make you cheer, bringing tears, and laughter.

Dr. Mark Naison is one of the most important writers, thinkers, and activists we have in America. He is a fearless and tireless voice for truth and change, and one of the best examples of democratic values we've ever produced. — Kevin Powell

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